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Club Red is a prestigious and exclusive group of former Bulldog student-athletes, forever bound by the Fresno State experience and dedicated to promoting and nurturing the ever-growing legacy of Fresno State Athletics.

Club Red provides a unique platform through which all former Bulldogs can build and maintain a lifelong association with Fresno State and its Department of Athletics, and celebrate the special bond shared by all Fresno State student-athletes through unique networking and mentoring opportunities.

Club Red mission:

  • Create a lasting and authentic bond between former Bulldog student-athletes
  • Provide professional and social enrichment through exclusive networking opportunities
  • Support the University and Department of Athletics through specific events and projects
  • Promote and uphold the great tradition that is Fresno State Athletics

Club Red exclusive member benefits:

  • Official Club Red identification card
  • Up to four (4) discounted football and men's basketball season tickets
  • FREE admission to all other regular season Fresno State Athletics home events
  • Access to Club Red networking and professional development opportunities

34713 A Letter from the President

Hello Fellow Bulldogs,
My name is Brandon Taylor and I am a former student-athlete, current President of Club Red, and Assistant Professor at Fresno State.  Club Red is Fresno State Athletics’ Student-Athlete Alumni Group which is open to all former Fresno State student-athletes.  I invite you to join and reconnect with other Bulldogs to lend support to our current student-athletes. 
Club Red is made up of an executive board that represents a number of sports on campus including softball, track and field, soccer, baseball, basketball and of course football.  We achieve our mission through hosting events in the areas of athletics, professional development, community service and lifelong learning for the sole purpose of benefiting our current student-athletes.  All proceeds from Club Red events go back into the education and skill development of current student-athletes and we are steadfast in helping them make a successful transition into the workforce.
As members of Club Red, it is my hope that you take on new opportunities such as educating the community on our club's mission, discuss the value of intercollegiate athletics, and offer inventive and fresh ideas that will contribute to the club’s growth.  To make your club membership more meaningful, I strongly encourage you to involve yourself in club activities and the board.  As influencers in the community your involvement will lead to the success of our current student-athletes.
I would like to encourage you all to stay connected through our dedicated website and our social media platforms (search Fresno State Club Red).  In closing, I am grateful to be in this position as Club Red looks to inspire ‘former’ Bulldogs to play a part in the development of our current student-athletes.
Brandon T. Taylor, D.M.
President, Club Red
Track and Field, 1997-2000